Regcheq is a comprehensive solution for the management of Compliance processes in your company.

Keep your business safe, complying with AML ( Anti Money Laundering ) regulation.
It´s 100% digital, for a reasonable monthly fee.

Compliance is a Compulsory Obligation

The UAF (Unidad de Análisis Financiero) is the governmental unit to lead the Money Laudering combat in Chile. It oversees and regulates over 7.500 companies.

Before Regcheq the Compliance process was extremely complex, inefficient and expensive, a real headache for regulated companies.

Your business is always at risk of being used to launder money…

The Risks of not complying

Regulatory audits + fines

Regulatory risks for Board Members

Reputational Risks

Compliance without Regcheq

Loads of paperwork and manual processes

High regulatory costs

Slow onboarding and commercial processes

Our Solution

Regcheq offers a unique-technological solution for regulatory compliance at an affordable price, that simplifies and digitalizes the processes of our customers.

100% Digital Onboarding

– Customer basic data.
– Operation basic data.

Database Cross Checks

– PEP lists.
– National and international sanction lists.
– Propietary lists.


Due Diligence

– DOF.
– DBF.
– ROE.

Customer Management

– Notifications.
– Filters.
– Follow up.

Data Backup and Export

– Data export.
– Unique and separated databases.

¿Why Regcheq?

We digitalize compliance management.


To Comply

With regulatory Obligations

To Automate

The Compliance lifecycle

To be more Efficient

Faster Compliance processes.

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